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My name is Elisabeth. Nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my pages.

I am British and was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK. Near my hometown is a famous castle, Alnwick Castle. Alnwick Castle was used in the movie “Harry Potter” !

My degree is in Communication Studies. I love communicating with people. I love finding out about what they like and think. I think it is really important to be able to communicate.

My business background is in advertising, public relations and communication.

I have been in Japan 3 years now and really really love it. My favourite food is shabu-shabu.

My hobbies are Ikebana, sadō, taiko – all Japanese hobbies! – and taking photos. I would like to learn Japanese archery, too! I also like swimming and travelling.

I really like Hakone and Hokkaido. I would like to visit many more places in Japan.

Characteristics of my classroom

Welcome to my classroom! My classroom is a happy place. Here you can learn at your pace and learn what you would like to learn. I adjust my lesson content according to what you are interested in. It is a safe place where you can make mistakes and no one will judge you.

It’s ok to make mistakes. We learn by making mistakes. I make mistakes, too! Many!

My teaching style is encouraging, enthusiastic and caring. And we laugh a lot, too! I will look after you. Don’t worry! I want you to succeed. I want you to understand. I want you to learn. I want you to enjoy speaking English!

I teach English and German, all levels, beginner to advanced, English conversation and Business English.

I hope we can meet soon!

Special notice: Due to the coronavirus, I currently only teach online via ZOOM. After the lesson, I will send you copies of the whiteboard slides.

Lesson fees

One student per class only
All levels
60-minutes conversation

ZOOMY3,000* Y4,000* 
Face-to-faceY3,800* Y4,800* 

Please note:  *Fees are based on lessons 1 time per week. If you would like a lesson only 1 time per month, then the cost is higher.  

Face-to-face lessons

  • Face-to-face lessons are held in a café in a location that is convenient for the student and the teacher.
  • Please wear a mask during the lesson. Please do not attend the lesson if you have a fever.
  • Please make payment in cash at the end of each lesson.

ZOOM lessons

  • If you do not have the ZOOM application, please download this for free. I prefer ZOOM to Skype or Facetime.
  • After the lesson, I will send you the whiteboard slides with notes of our lesson.
  • Please make payment to my Japan Post Office bank account, at the start of the lessons.  Prepayment of 4 lessons is required. 

Please note that I do not teach children of any age. I only teach adults, 20 years and older.


I do not give homework. I know you are very busy. But if you would like to do some homework, the best thing is to read the ZOOM slides with a LOUD voice!

How to book a lesson

Please send your enquiry. Please state…

  • your name
  • your age
  • what kind of English you would like to learn
  • how often you would like lessons



    Please be considerate and cancel as soon as you know you cannot attend a class. If you cancel at the last minute, you prevent another student from learning English, and that is not very fair. AND you put me in a difficult position!

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